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Rape Defense Attorney

If convicted of rape in Toledo Ohio, you could spend many years of your life in prison or on supervised probation. 

Even after being released from incarceration, you will have to register as a sex offender for the remainder of your life.

Because of the enormous seriousness of your situation, it’s important to hire a Toledo, Ohio criminal defense attorney with experience with rape cases. At Hiltner Trial Lawyers, our firm has years of experience helping clients obtain justice, even when facing life-changing charges.

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“Max was incredibly empathic and communicated every step of the way. Max and his team are consummate professionals. Their legal and people skills distinguish them and I would recommend them to anyone in need to legal aid.”

- Nicholas M.

Toledo, Ohio Rape Charges and Defense

Ohio law defines rape as:

“any form of unwanted sexual contact obtained without consent and/or obtained through the use of force, threat of force, intimidation, or coercion.”

Toledo, Ohio is unfortunately no stranger to rape charges. 

But just because Toledo has had its share of rapes doesn’t mean that every person accused of rape in the city is guilty. 

Of course, every case is different and there is no one-size-fits-all defense to these rape charges. 

An experienced criminal defense attorney will work with you to examine the facts of your case and build an effective defense strategy tailored to your specific situation. 

If you have been charged with rape in Toledo, Ohio, don’t try to navigate the criminal justice system on your own – instead, seek out experienced legal help as soon as possible.

How Can Hiltner Trial Lawyers Help?

A competent criminal defense attorney can provide a number of essential services for you during this difficult time.

Here are some things your Ohio criminal defense attorney can help with:

  • Investigate the circumstances surrounding the alleged rape
  • Determine if the victim is lying, either intentionally or unintentionally
  • Determine if the victim has mistakenly identified the wrong person
  • Verify the defendant’s alibi
  • Collect evidence that proves the alleged incident did not happen or that the defendant is not the guilty party
  • Inform you about your legal rights
  • Assist in mounting a legal defense
  • Negotiate a plea for lesser charges


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At Hiltner Trial Lawyers, we know how stressful it can be to be involved in a rape case. Regardless of the accusations against you, you are entitled to a vigorous defense that will both protect your rights as a defendant and represent your interests as a person, and our team of experienced trial lawyers can provide that defense. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.
Call 330-475-3164 for a free consultation

“Max Hiltner is dynamite in the courtroom by connecting with the jury, recalling facts and cultivating good relationships with the opponents and presiding judge. He is professional, dedicated, honest and cares about the livelihood of his clients and their families. He excels in negotiating and hiring experts necessary for a well rounded defense. Max was one of my lawyers that stood between me and a life sentence. Without him on my team I would still be in prison. He will fight for you.”

- Colleen O.

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