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If you’ve been accused or charged with murder in Ohio, hope is not lost. Our attorneys at Hiltner Trial Lawyers have successfully defended people charged with murder and brought them home to their families with all charges dropped.

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“If I could give more stars I would. Max ended the nightmare that has haunted me for so long and was on top of everything the whole way through. If you want someone to properly protect your rights I recommend Max every time.”

Murder Cases in Ohio

Murder charges in Ohio are the most serious types of criminal charges someone can face. That’s because murder, unlike manslaughter, suggests that the perpetrator had the intent to kill their victim.

Ohio law states that a person accused of murder must be suspected of all of the following:
  • Purposefully causing the death a person other than himself (or unlawful termination of a pregnancy)
  • Causing the death of another person while attempting to commit a violent felony (with some exceptions)

If convicted of murder, you could face the harshest penalties permissible by law, ranging anywhere from 15-30 years in prison, a life sentence, or even the death penalty. Serious fines may be included in the penalty, as well as a class 2 suspension of the perpetrator’s driver’s license if a motor vehicle was involved when they allegedly committed the crime.

Why Choose Hiltner Trial Lawyers

Understandably, you need an experienced and dedicated defense attorney to defend you if you’re charged with murder in Ohio. At Hiltner Trial Lawyers, we’ve helped many clients through their murder cases.

Here are some cases we’ve tried in recent years:

In Stark County, Ohio, Max Hiltner successfully defended a woman charged with the murder of her husband. The jury trial lasted approximately two weeks and resulted in a hung jury.

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If you or someone you love has been accused or charged with murder, this is probably one of the scariest days of your life. And you’re going to need a good defense attorney in your corner. Contact Hiltner Trial Lawyers to discuss your case in your first consultation.
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“Max Hiltner is dynamite in the courtroom by connecting with the jury, recalling facts and cultivating good relationships with the opponents and presiding judge. He is professional, dedicated, honest and cares about the livelihood of his clients and their families. He excels in negotiating and hiring experts necessary for a well rounded defense. Max was one of my lawyers that stood between me and a life sentence. Without him on my team I would still be in prison. He will fight for you.”

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