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Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Domestic violence cases are trying and emotional. 

If you’ve been charged with or even accused of domestic violence, you have probably been ordered to stay away from your family and you could be facing jail time. 

At Hiltner Trial Lawyers, our attorneys have successfully defended people charged with domestic violence all over the United States.

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“From Day 1 Max Hiltner made me feel at ease about the process -- one I’d never been put in before. He was very thorough in explaining the charges and what to expect, he was always available to answer any questions I had or to go over updates about my case. I honestly feel that Max was able to get a great result considering the complexity of my situation. I felt genuine concern, compassion and that he had my best interest at heart throughout the whole process.”

- Bob O.

Domestic Violence Cases in Ohio

The term “domestic violence” refers to violent acts, threats, or stalking taking place between people who have a particular kind of relationship. Most frequently, the types of relationships where we see domestic violence charges include couples who are:

  • Married,
  • Living together, or
  • Dating

The phrase is also sometimes used to refer to abuse against children, as well.

If you’re accused of domestic violence, more often than not you’ll also be charged with another crime, such as assault or even rape. Due to your relationship with your alleged victim, the court may include special circumstances, including a restraining order or a mandatory jail sentence.

No matter the details of your specific situation, Hiltner Trial Lawyers is here to help you fight the charges and get your life back.

Why Choose Hiltner Trial Lawyers for your Defense

At Hiltner Trial Lawyers, we have a reputation for fighting to keep good people out of prison. We have successfully defended many people accused of domestic violence.

Here are some cases we have tried in recent years:

A young man was charged with domestic violence a misdemeanor of the 1st degree. After fully preparing for trial, Max Hiltner and his client showed up the morning of trial. Instead of proceeding to trial, the State dismissed the charges.

Max Hiltner was retained to represent a man who caught his fiancé in a compromising position in their home with another person, allegedly strangling his fiancé and assaulting her. Due to the seriousness of the allegations, he was charged with domestic violence. The case could have massive consequences for the man, as he was on felony probation. After revealing  numerous weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case, they dismissed all charges against the man.

We were trusted with a domestic violence case between a mother and her mentally ill daughter. The daughter allegedly pulled a gun on her mother during a mental break from reality, and the police were called to control the daughter while she could be helped for her mental condition. Instead, the prosecutors and police decided to charge the daughter with domestic violence and take her to jail instead of the hospital. Max Hiltner spent months demanding that this was a case of a medical emergency, not a crime. Eventually, the prosecutors finally dismissed all charges against the daughter.

Hiltner Trial Lawyers was hired to represent a step-father accused of committing an act of domestic violence against his 10 year old son. The step-father had acted as the child’s father since birth, raising him and providing for him. The son referred to his step-father as “Dad.” However, the child’s biological father saw a bruise on the child’s eye during a scheduled visitation and filed for temporary custody, despite the fact that the boy, the mother, and the step-father all attested that the bruise was from the boy roughhousing with his brother. Through thorough preparation of the case, including witness statements, subpoenas, and expert opinions, we were able to convince the prosecution to dismiss all charges on the day of trial.

In Canton, Ohio, a hard-working young father was falsely accused by his ex-wife of assaulting her, and he was charged with domestic violence. If convicted, he stood to lose his job, custody over his son, and his reputation. At a jury trial, Max Hiltner cross-examined the supposedly neutral eyewitness to reveal that the defendant’s ex-wife had staged the whole incident and planted witnesses in an attempt to gain full custody of their child. After less than five minutes of deliberating, the jury found the client not guilty of all charges.


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Max Hiltner has built a reputation as a trial lawyer who fights tooth and nail for his clients each and every time. If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, he’s ready to help you fight your charge. Contact Hiltner Trial Lawyers today.
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“Max Hiltner is dynamite in the courtroom by connecting with the jury, recalling facts and cultivating good relationships with the opponents and presiding judge. He is professional, dedicated, honest and cares about the livelihood of his clients and their families. He excels in negotiating and hiring experts necessary for a well rounded defense. Max was one of my lawyers that stood between me and a life sentence. Without him on my team I would still be in prison. He will fight for you.”

- Colleen O.

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    Ger VangGer Vang
    15:23 04 Mar 24
    First time having to use a lawyer, and I was glad that I chose Hiltner. If you want results, he is the man. He fought for me, gave me solid advice, and showed empathy for me during my crisis. He was understanding of my financial situation and gave me time to make my payments. He even provided additional services to help me on other matters that came up not discussed on our contract, which I truthly appreciate. If you want a lawyer that will fight for you with everything that he's got and to treat you with respect, look no further.
    Kristi HavensKristi Havens
    16:13 07 Feb 24
    Great lawyer!
    Amy AllenAmy Allen
    13:00 07 Feb 24
    We’re do I start as buiness owner I was stress out with the legal system so I called max. Once I talk to him about my situation . He took my case and I can tell you he is the best lawyer and. Cares about his clients all the way. Don’t mess around and waste money on small town lawyers . Got to max and he will get it done to the best he can !!!!! Amazing experience I found my forever lawyer!!!!!! Great amazing job max my family and I appreciate everything you do !!!
    Donia AmraDonia Amra
    15:47 05 Feb 24
    I am grateful for the outstanding legal representation I received from Max Hiltner. He not only possesses a deep understanding of the law but also goes above and beyond to prioritize clients' needs. Max guided me with clarity and transparency, making a complex legal situation more manageable. The communication was prompt, and his dedication to my case was evident throughout. I highly recommend Max for anyone seeking a knowledgeable and reliable attorney. Thank you for your exceptional service!
    Dustin CampbellDustin Campbell
    15:57 30 Jan 24
    Max was professional, responsive and competent. Highly recommended!
    Brian AultBrian Ault
    23:02 25 Jan 24
    I worked with Max, and he listened to my concerns and desired outcomes, and got me to where I wanted to be. He also explained options at each step and guided me along our legal path to resolution. I trusted him to work for my interests, and he absolutely did.
    Jim LongJim Long
    16:22 25 Jan 24
    I reached out to several lawyers for help. Most sent automated emails back with lists of fees for various services.Max is the only one who called me personally to ask how he can help.After hiring Max, he patiently listened to everything I had to say and answered all of my questions.He helped me get an amazing deal during a very difficult situation.10/10
    Cody SchatzCody Schatz
    13:45 24 Jan 24
    Max was the first lawyer we spoke with who we felt actually heard our side of the story. From the first phone call he asked specific questions and was available. Max worked hard to get us the best possible outcome and took time to make sure we knew the legal processes at work. This is the guy you want on your side.
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